WTF is Tuki? Part 2: Exclusive Q&A With Pocz & Pacheko “A Form of Ghetto House”


We’ve already introduced you to the electronic music genre, tuki, with an exclusive download from Pocz & Pacheko -“Muevelo” (feat. Dj Yirvin).

Now VIBE’s got the rundown on the emerging sound from Pocz & Pacheko…

VIBE: Explain the genre Tuki in your own words in ONE sentence: Pocz & Pacheko: Tuki music, also known, as Changa Tuki or Raptor House is a Venezuelan form of ghetto house, with a unique dark Latin flavor that sounds like Caracas.

How did you start out producing?
We met at a studio were we worked together along with Cardopusher and other Caracas musicians. We began producing music inspired by dubstep, and then we got more tropical, and started experimenting with influences like kuduro and UK funky and then we incorporated the Changa Tuki sound as well.

Do you like hip-hop? Which rappers/producers?
Yes we do! At the moment we are really feeling the Odd Future crew, especially Frank Ocean. Years before we grew loving the sounds of NWA, Cypress Hill, Wu Tang Clann, Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, and Venezuelan hip-hop acts such as La Corte and Guerrilla Seca.

What rapper would be an ideal collaborator on a Tuki track? Or would that now work?
Missy Elliott, Usher or Wiz Khalifa. At the moment we are collaborating with the Buraka Som Sistema MCs and Mc Juakali, who is from Trinidad, but are based in L.A. and NYC.

Are there American producers whom we should look out for who dabble in Tuki? Or is it still mainly found in Venezuela?
As far as we know, there are not. Its’ a Venezuelan sound that is just starting to get known outside of our country. However, there are DJs supporting the sound in the US, as well as in Mexico, Chile and Europe. Some are: Toy Selectah, Brenmar, Buraka Som Sistema and Addison Groove, among others.

What can we expect from Pocz & Pacheko in 2013?

More music and a constant evolution of our sound.

Pocz & Pacheko ‘Changa Letal’ EP is out now on Enchufada.