The 12 Most Memorable Red Carpet Looks From The 2012 Grammy Awards



If you’re an artist who got an invite to the 2013 Grammy Awards, that’s the only thing going through your mind right now. With less than three weeks remaining until the biggest night in music, there’s not a whole lot of time for you to pick out the perfect dress or the sharpest suit. You need to act now in order to make all of the “Best Dressed” lists on the day after the Grammy Awards. So…what are you going to wear?!

In an effort to help all of the artists out there who are struggling to figure out what to wear to the 55th Grammy Awards, we decided to take a look back at what folks wore to the Grammy Awards last year. Hopefully, it’ll help them decide what to wear—and, more importantly, what not to wear—to the Grammys this year. So, without further ado, here are The 12 Craziest Red Carpet Looks From The 2012 Grammy Awards. Who’s look did you like best?