13-Year-Old Steals Father’s Mercedes & Drives It 600 Miles Across Europe


It’s a modern day Kerouacian adventure, but set to a new demographic.

A 13-year-old boy stole his adoptive parents’ Mercedes Benz in Italy and set off on a quest to find his biological sister and return to his native Poland. He made it 600 miles, across northern Italy, Austria and half of Germany before being pulled over by German police 125 miles from the Polish border.

Unlike the U.S. where the minimum driving age is 16, in Italy one must be 18. But, the age limit is not even the most mind-boggling factor in this story. The boy ran away Thursday after having his cell phone confiscated by his parents. With only 200 Euros (roughly $250 US) and a passport to his name, the teen made it across the steep driving terrain of the Alps, several toll booths and across two international borders in two days time without being detected.

“He looks like a 16-year-old, but still! He managed to fuel up and pass two borders. It’s just incredible,” said Carabinieri Police Chief Eleonora Spadati. The 13-year-old’s driving skills come from an affinity for go-kart racing, it has been reported.

The teen was apprehended in Moisburg, Germany and it is believed that his parents, who adopted him two years prior, traveled there to retrieve him. Frequent social worker check-ins are expected moving forward.

On further review, this type of thing apparently happens often around the world.