2 Chainz Accepts Street Soldier Award At 2013 Hip-Hop Inauguration Ball

Whether in or outside of the booth, 2 Chainz’ performance makes a difference.

At Russell Simmons’ Hip-Hop Inaugural Ball Sunday, Tity Boi — who swapped his Gucci-festooned garb for a tailored suit — was honored for his involvement with the presidential campaign. The turn-up tactician encouraged felons to vote in October 2012 with his “Respect The Vote” project, pushing those behind bars to be active in the election.

“I did a lot with the campaign, not a lot but I participated a lot so it felt good,” the debonair MC told VIBE on the red carpet.

After being presented with the Street Soldier award for his community involvement, the “I’m Different” rapper was grateful to be recognized for his efforts off-wax. “It’s been an amazing ride for me, having a no. 1 album [Based On a T.R.U. Story], no. 1 hits and all that,” he says, “but I’m excited to be honored for something outside of music.”

Catch up to Chainz’ campaign below as he accepts the plaque for good service.