221 Coffins Set On Fire In Kenyan Protest

Protestors in Kenya set 221 coffins on fire in a powerful protest against outgoing government officials.

The 221 coffins set on fire caused a huge blaze outside of Kenyan parliament, with each of the 221 coffins set on fire representing a different legislator leaving the government. The outgoing parliament was known for corruptionand greed.

The average legislator earns $175,000 a year, while the average income for a Kenyan citizen is about $1,700. This caused widespread anger among the protestors, who hoped 221 coffins set on fire would send a message to the lawmakers. Last week legislators attempted to award themselves $110,000 bonuses, but the Kenyan president vetoed the legislation.

The 221 coffins set on fire did not include a 222nd for the president, thanks to his veto last week. The terms for the legislators ends this week.