3 Reasons Why Chris Brown Should Not Perform With Rihanna at the 2013 Grammy Awards

From VIBE–Have you heard the latest rumor swirling around Rihanna and Chris Brown? Apparently, they’re thinking about linking up for a performance at the 2013 Grammy Awards next month. Nothing has been confirmed yet—and, if the performance does go down, it’s likely that we won’t find out about it until the last minute—but sources in Breezy’s camp have come out and said that there’s a real possibility of the embattled couple putting on a show at the Grammys.

“Chris wants to perform with Rihanna at the Grammys to show the whole world they are back together,” the source told Radar Online recently. “Chris doesn’t care what the haters say and wants to give the viewers an over-the-top performance with Rihanna.”

It seems like the joint performance is a real possibility now that Rih-Rih has been booked as one of the performers at the 55th Grammy Awards show. But, is a Chrianna performance what you really want to see this year? We’d argue that you don’t. In fact, we’d argue that Chris Brown should back off of his reported idea and let Rihanna handle the show solo. Why? Well, check out our list of the 3 Reasons Why Chris Brown Should Not Perform With Rihanna At The 2013 Grammy Awards.