3 Tips for Washing Your Face at Night


1. Make it accessible. Washing your face doesn’t always have to be at the sink. Keep products in multiple locations so that scrubbing your mug always fits in your busy schedule. If you have the tendency to fall asleep before cleansing, try packing makeup removing wipes in your nightstand.

2. Make it simple. Are you using a makeup remover followed by a face wash? Shorten the process with a double-duty product. Try using removers that not only remove the makeup but also leave your face free of dirt, too.

3. Make it convenient. Laziness is the typical downfall in any face-washing routine. It’s easy to remember the morning wash, but at night, somehow it slips your mind. Don’t wait to wash your face right before bed. Instead, wash as soon as you get home in the evening, so you aren’t prone to dozing off before you can get to the sink.

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