34 Aaliyah Style Moments Seen In Other Entertainers


Known for more than her beautiful voice, singer Aaliyah was a maven for style. Not only did she help make it acceptable for ladies to raid their man’s closet, she also made it profitable for herself (that 1997 Tommy Hilfiger campaign speaks for itself).

aaliyah hilfiger

Now, over 11 years after her death and on her would-be 34th birthday, we look back at Baby Girl’s steelo through the eyes of current artists & entertainers—even the dudes (we see you, Drake). From those midriff-baring tops paired with baggy denim, to her embracement of womanhood noticeable in the latter part of her career, Aaliyah’s style definitely lives on.


Take a look at these 34 style moments that remind us why Aaliyah’s memory—and her influential style—goes on and on and on.