5 Possible Gift Ideas For Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy Carter is the little girl who has everything, so what would make a perfect gift for the hip-hop princess on her first birthday?

She reportedly already owns a $600K solid gold rocking horse, a $20,000 crib and a $15,000 highchair. If we think the Carters spoil each other, there’s no telling what they would do for their first-born. So we thought a bit more practical in our predictions for possible gift ideas for Baby Blue.

1. A Song from Mama
Jay-Z wasted no time stepping into the booth to record an ode to his daughter, but Mother Bey has yet to bless her with a vocal offering. Perhaps a year of motherhood could inspire her to release her own dedication song. No doubt it woul hit the top of the charts like “Glory.”

2. Mommy-Daughter Islands
Young Carter has flown on helicopters and sailed the seas on yachts, why not giver her her own tropical destination like her momma? They could even deck it out with all sorts of kiddie amenities, or better yet, a small theme park.

3. A Night at Barclays
To date, the Carters have yet to bring their bundle of joy to Jay-Z’s new Brooklyn home at Barclays Center. Though she’s just turned one, we’re sure the tot would enjoy the place, especially with the couple’s luxury accommodations. She could ball so hard at a Nets game and stunt like her daddy too.

4. A Handwritten Letter
We know Beyonce has a penchant for handwritten love notes, and a letter to Blue Ivy would be her most heartfelt yet. Maybe she might even post it on Instagram.

5. KimYe Has a Boy
This may be a delayed birthday gift, but it would be the most epic. If Kim K. and Kanye’s child is a boy, the couple could gift Blue Ivy with a future husband. Talk about a power couple, those two could take over the world in two decades, tops.