5 Rappers Who Have Beefed With Perez Hilton In The Past


Perez Hilton beefs with more rappers than Game. Okay, so that might be slight overstatement (no one—and we do mean no one—beefs with more rappers than Game) but, if you take a look back at Perez’s history, dude has gotten himself involved in more than a few beefs with rappers. Some have been his own fault, while others have been caused by the rappers themselves. But, regardless, it’s clear that Perez isn’t afraid to mix it up with rappers when it comes to beef.

Most recently, Perez got himself involved in a crazy beef with female rapper Azealia Banks late last week that ended badly when Banks responded to one of Perez’s tweets about her by calling him a “messy faggot.” She apologized later, but she was chastised by GLAAD and written off by thousands of rap fans on Twitter because of her controversial comment. So, in the end, Perez came out looking like the good guy.

But, that’s not how it always goes when it comes to Perez Hilton beefing with rappers. And, to prove it, we put together a list of 5 Rappers Who Have Beefed With Perez Hilton In The Past. Who do you think won these epic battles?