The 50 Best Twitter Reactions to Meek Mill and Cassidy’s Beef


We have to admit: We didn’t see this coming. When Meek Mill and Cassidy started taking little jabs at one another late last year, we thought it’d blow over pretty quickly. We thought that, at most, Cassidy might fire off a warning shot (or two) on a record and Meek might donate a couple bars from a song to the cause and that, after that happened, the “beef” between the two Philly MCs would end. But, boy, were we wrong.

Over the course of the last two weeks, Meek Mill and Cassidy’s beef has taken on a life of its own. It took shape when Cass released “Me, Myself and My iPhone,” a diss track aimed at Meek on December 22. It heated up when Meek responded by dropping “Repo,” a diss track aimed at Cassidy, one day after Christmas. And, it peaked over the weekend when Cassidy responded to that diss with “R.A.I.D.,” a ten-minute track that features Cassidy kicking his best battle rhymes in an effort to end the beef once and for all. Meek took to his Twitter account shortly after it dropped to reveal that he wasn’t impressed by it. But, regardless, it’s clear that this is now a full-fledged beef that’s going to earn a place in hip-hop’s history books.

So, now comes the next obvious question: Who’s winning—or has already won—the beef? After “R.A.I.D.” was released late Saturday night, we heard from both sides. Some rap fans are still riding for Meek Mill; others think Cassidy showed why he should be considered the King of Philly with his ten-minute effort. But, it’s still pretty unclear who got the best of the battle. So, in an effort to find out, we put together a list of The 50 Best Twitter Reactions to Meek Mill and Cassidy’s Ongoing Beef. Check them out and try to decipher who’s really winning the war.