8 Life Lessons We Learned From JoJo’s ‘Agape’ Mixtape


JoJo is wickedly underrated. A booming voice inside a seemingly small body, she turned heads with her debut almost nine years ago. If it weren’t for legal troubles with her current record label, this chanteuse with around-the-way girl appeal would be in the big leagues already. Fortunately for us, she’s still trudging through industry roadblocks and creating quality music.  Agape, her latest musical offering, showcases a sophisticated new sound. One part humorous, one part heart-wrenching and one part thought-provoking, this ‘tape is reminiscent of R&B’s heyday.

In just a few tunes, she blasts the music industry, embraces her struggles, envisions her dream man and calls out the scrubs. With a whirlwind of emotion in just 20 minutes, there are lessons to be learned…and we hand-picked them.

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