Aaron McGruder Reveals ‘Uncle Ruckus’ Live-Action Movie

Can this be the beginning of what’s affectionately known as “The Django Effect” taking place? You be the judge.

While we’re all still anticipating the fourth season of The Boondocks to return to the small screen, today it was announced that creator Aaron McGruder is currently working on a live-action film based on Uncle Ruckus. The glass-eyed, self-hating man with re-vitiligo is looking to hit big screens nationwide, and McGruder has created Kickstarter campaign to help fund the dream.

The Uncle Ruckus Movie, which was announced via the official Facebook page, comes almost two years after series star John Witherspoon originally revealed that the popular animated show had, in fact, been renewed for a twenty-episode fourth season. While there’s no release date for Season 4, the focus has shifted towards Uncle Ruckus and this live-action film.

“We are raising funds for an R-rated theatrical comedy featuring Uncle Ruckus, to be produced this year,” it says on the Kickstarter Page. The movie will be written and directed by Aaron McGruder and stars Gary Anthony Williams — who provides the voice of Uncle Ruckus on the animated series. Unfortunately, fans anticipating seeing Jaden Smith getting his Eddie Murphy on as Huey and Riley Freeman, the story will not involve them or any of the regular Boondocks characters. Instead, the film will explore a part of the Ruckus family not see in the show.

Below you can watch the teaser clip of Uncle Ruckus presenting himself to the live world, and leave your reaction for us in the comments section below.

Props: Screen Rant