Allen Iverson Returns? Top 11 NBA Players From The 1996 Draft

Is Allen Iverson coming back? Well, it seems like the erstwhile superstar is on the verge of a comeback of some sorts. News broke today that Iverson turned down a D-League job, but maintained that he was still interested in an NBA return. And why not? The guy could fall out of bed and score about 28 points (on 30 shots, but still) and plenty of teams could use a little scoring off the bench. Plus, an awful lot of Iverson’s draftmates are still in the league.

Wow, take a look at that draft. Iverson was the no. 1 pick in 1996, but it could be argued that he didn’t deserve it. A lot of those guys are still kicking around – some bench players, some useful pieces, one super star – and it seems like as good a time as any to rank them up. Who are the top 10 best players from the 1996 draft? Find out!