Amanda Bynes Debuts New Cheek Piercing


Actress Amanda Bynes has been in the news for a lot of weird reasons lately, but here’s something that’s at least not a crime. Bynes debuted a new cheek piercing on her Tumblr account this week, another move away from her wholesome, child actress past.

Bynes cheek piercing seems like another stud in her erratic recent behavior, including several driving arrests and reports of public nudity and other strange goings-on. But Bynes cheek piercing is about the least destructive thing she’s done to make news – at least no one got hurt, except for the slight stinging Bynes cheek piercing probably caused.

Bynes, of course, is known for her work as a preteen on Nickelodeon, and for her teen-centric movie roles. Bynes cheek piercing is definitely a departure from that, but a lot of behavior recently has raised questions about her general mental health. Bynes cheek piercing won’t change any minds that the actress is in a bit of a tailspin.

Hopefully, Bynes cheek piercing will be the only thing she makes news with in the near future – at least Bynes cheek piercing isn’t illegal.