‘American Idol’ Cast Covers The Hollywood Reporter

The new and exciting cast of American Idol buddy-up for the January cover of The Hollywood Reporter. Though the controversy around the two resident divas, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj, has drummed up a lot of attention for the show’s upcoming season, many critics are skeptical that the beef between the two can keep the audiences’ attention for the whole season.

When the announcement was made that Carey would join the cast of AI, “[Carey] was promised top billing as Idol’s queen bee, with a J.Lo-style focus on her pedigree as a vocalist, songwriter and producer. And deservedly so: Carey’s songs are among the most-performed by Idol contestants, the vast majority of whom fall far short of her five-octave range.”

So, you can understand when the news broke that animated raptress Nicki Minaj would be joining the cast, Mariah was shocked. If there was to be a fourth judge hired, an insider tells The Hollywood Reporter, Carey was “pretty much assured” it would not be another female.

The feud that was captured on the infamous Cell Phone Video Seen Around The World could very well have been the result of a bitter Carey and a defensive Minaj.

Regardless of the drama, the perception is that Idol’s reign is coming to an end as the show enters its twelfth season. Read more here to find out how Idol stacks up against the other singing competitions and who consulted Lil’ Wayne about joining the Idol judging panel (it isn’t who you suspect!).

Photo credit: The Hollywood Reporter