Anchorman Set Burglary: Thieves Take $300,000 in Wires

Ron Burgundy & his fictional crew might have another big lead story, happening right on the set of the Anchorman sequel.

According to FOX 8, via WSB-TV, police are investigating a burglary on the Anchorman: The Legend Continues movie set in northwest Atlanta after $300,000 worth of copper was stolen.

Paramount Worldwide Productions is renting a building space in northwest Atlanta during production of the movie. According to police, the owner of the building discovered $300,000 in copper wiring was stolen along with four Apple computers.

There’s no official word on how the thieves got into the building, but the owner is assuming they entered through a rear garage door.

According to reports, a sign offering a reward of $5,000 was posted at the building.

Maybe Will Ferrell should write this plot into the movie. Just a suggestion.