Anthony Hamilton Was “Amazed” When He Found Out His Latest Album Received A Grammy Nomination For “Best R&B Album”

Throughout the course of his career, which extends all the way back to 2003, Anthony Hamilton has received 12 Grammy Award nominations. He even won one back in 2009 thanks to his collaboration with Al Green on a song called “You’ve Got the Love I Need.” Yet, during a recent interview with the Associated Press, he said that he was still surprised when his manager called him last month and told him that his latest album, Back To Love, had been nominated for a Grammy for “Best R&B Album.” The album, which was released back in December 2011, didn’t receive the critical or commercial love that many of his previous efforts had, so it was a bit of a shock to him when it got nominated for a Grammy.

“My music didn’t have much of a buzz,” he told the AP, “so I was amazed about what I heard. It’s great to know that my music is still being recognized. It shows that all the hard work is paying off.”

Hamilton also explained that, because of the surprise he felt about his nomination, his twelfth nomination feels different than all of the other nominations that he’s received over the years. This one is special because, as he says, it proves that he still has what it takes to create good music.

“This time, it feels better,” he said. “It proved that my music is good enough. It proved to the record labels that even though my last album didn’t sell much, I’m still that same guy [people want to hear].”

Hamilton has a decent chance of taking home a Grammy trophy next month, too, because the “Best R&B Album” category is relatively watered down this year compared to other years. Other than Hamilton, the nominees include R. Kelly (for Write Me Back), Tamia (for Beautiful Surprise), Robert Glasper Experiment (for Black Radio), and Tyrese (for Open Invitation). So, while he might be shocked, it really wouldn’t be all that surprising to see Hamilton walk away victorious this year.

Make sure you watch the 55th Grammy Awards on February 10 to see if Hamilton gets the win in the “Best R&B Album” category.