Firefighter Saves Arizona Teens From Tree After Frozen Lake Cracks

Two Arizona teens were hanging for their life (literally) after being trapped on a partially frozen lake for at least two frigid houes after the ice began to crack, authorities said Thursday.

A third teen who had stayed on the snow-covered bank of Fool Hollow Lake near Show Low phoned in the emergency Wednesday.

AP reports:
Emergency personnel retrieved the boys after firefighter Jack Gessner made his way across the lake with a rope attached to a boat carrying other rescuers.

Gessner said he initially crawled atop the ice then had to make his way through the water after he had covered half of the 200 feet and the ice broke. His suit and training worked as designed, leaving him dry but tired.

“I thought it went well. It was a really good team effort and everybody did their jobs,” said Gessner, a firefighter on the ice rescue team of Lakeside Fire District.

Gessner said the boys didn’t seem to be panicking, and they were OK as he swam by the tree to reach the shore and get a foothold to hold the rope.

The boys, whose names have not been revealed, were taken to a hospital for treatment of mild hypothermia.

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