Behind-the-Scenes Look at Teyana Taylor’s Adidas Collaboration [Video]

Vibe-Vixen-Teyana Taylor x Adidas

Just before the New Year, Teyana Taylor unveiled her collaboration with Adidas for a new sneaker, Harlem GLC. Since then, we’ve seen a sneak peak of the kicks and today, the athletics brands lets us in on the creative process. The Harlemite, who is partly responsible for bringing tomboy chic back to the fashion forefront, has always considered herself a trailblazer:

“I definitely feel like my fashion, my style gave me ‘it factor,’ said Taylor. “I appreciate that because it’s authentic. I was just always me. I always wanted to make everything my own. Always wanted to tell a story.”

The Adidas design team breaks down every element of the sneaker including pyramid studs, shiny metallic scales and a back piece modeled after a rib cage. Although its architecture is inspired by medieval armor, Teyana’s influence is still present–and a sign that she is “ready to go out and conquer the world.”

Our former cover girl is a self-proclaimed original. Adidas is original–a perfect combination! Snag Teyana’s sneaker when it hits stores on February 16.