Beyoncé Addresses Lip-Syncing Controversy for the First Time


In a matter of 20 minutes, Beyoncé was able to son and shush all the naysayers about her lip-syncing controversy at President Barack Obama’s inauguration. Her Super Bowl press conference kicked off with a live rendition of the National Anthem, a take two to compensate for the inaugural performance. Though dressed in a backless white number, all attention was clearly on her vocal abilities. Once the floor opened up for questions, Bey explained why she had used a backing track for her inaugural performance. “Due to the weather delay and no proper soundcheck with the orchestra, I did not feel comfortable taking a risk and singing live during the inauguration,” she said, also noting that her Super Bowl rehearsal–which has taken four to five months to prepare for–was also a factor in her decision. “I’m very proud of my performance.” As far as clearing up the murky rumors of a Destiny’s Child reunion on stage this Sunday, the “Countdown” singer kept mum. “I can’t really give any details,” she said with a big smile. The 31-year-old songbird then gushed over working with her fellow DC members after a long hiatus. “I felt like a teenager when I heard us harmonize again.” She also spoke on her upcoming HBO documentary Life Is But A Dream set to air Feb. 16, where she opens up about her miscarriage and the surrogacy rumors. “It’s time for people to really get to know me,” she said at the press conference. “It shows a human side. We’re all human. I feel like at some point my job is to protect [Blue Ivy].” While headlining the half-time show in her family’s native Louisiana is immense pressure, she admitted to feeling anxious. When asked how she felt about those waiting to watch her fails, Bey said, “I love my haters.” She also teased that she had a big announcement following her set after the host asked about a possible tour. While she kept tight-lipped, she did reveal the first thing on her to-do list post-Super Bowl. “I’m gonna enjoy my daughter. Mommy will be done Sunday at 9pm.” As for the possibility of her bringing a backing track to her 12-minute routine at the SuperDome this Sunday? “I will absolutely be singing live,” she states emphatically. “This is what I was born to do.” Check out a snippet of her press conference below.

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