Beyoncé Releases Footage for Her Fifth Fragrance, Pulse NYC [Video]


Seems like the ‘Star Spangled’ singer has slightly more on her mind than the upcoming halftime show. Beyoncé just released a video of her behind the scenes photo shoot for her new fragrance Pulse, NYC.

“I thought that now that I am a New Yorker and I’ve learned about how I can accomplish anything in this city, I felt it was an appropriate energy for the new fragrance,” she says in the video.

In the ad for her fifth fragrance, Bey wears a mirrored strapless mini number as she glamorously stands proud with the empire state building in the background.

One thing is for sure: if we can’t be Bey, at least we can smell like her…for the fifth time.

Watch Bey explain the concept for the fragrance below:

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