Big Blockbuster: 12 New Movies We Want To See In 2013


Last year was such an incredible year for motion pictures, that we couldn’t wait for the new year to start so we could begin anticipating the next big blockbusters. 2013 is chock full of giant, box office engulfing pictures, and we’re excited for the next 12 months to break down, assess and watch these films unfold on the big screen.

With only a few weeks into the new year, cinephiles are already eager to see a new interpretation of the Man of Steel, to fight against Cobra alongside ordinary Joes, and watch billionaire Tony Stark finally face his arch-nemesis. So, without further ado, we wanted to list the 12 Awesome Movies We Want To See In 2013. If your picks match up with ours, let us know in the comments section below, or hit us up on Twitter!

See you at the cineplex!

Kevin L. Clark (@DLYDJ)