Birds Hit Two Planes At JFK Airport


Paging Captain Sully! Birds hit two planes taking off from JFK Airport in New York this weekend, in an incident reminiscent of the famous Hudson River plane landing from 2009.

Apparently, the birds hit two planes, one each on Saturday and Sunday of this weekend. Both were JetBlue flights on their way to the Caribbean, and both were forced to return to the airport after the bird strikes as a precaution.

Strangely, the birds hit two planes just days before the fourth anniversary of that miraculous crash landing, in which pilot Chesley Sullenberger was able to successfully ditch his plane in the Hudson River after striking a flock of Canadian Geese shortly after takeoff from nearby LaGuardia Airport.

This time, when birds hit two planes, the pilots were able to navigate back to the airport to land without injuries or incident. It’s not every day that birds hit two planes, but pilots were probably glad they didn’t have to take a swim in the Hudson.

What are the odds that birds hit two planes at the airport? Bird strikes are more common than you’d think, but ultimately don’t lead to too many emergencies like this.