Black Iceberg Photo Goes Viral On Reddit


It’s not everyday (or ever) you see a black iceberg. So when one witness snapped a flick of such rarity, the post went bonkers on Reddit.

CBS News reports the photo was posted by user Rundboll on Friday (Jan. 4), receiving over 1,000 comments and featured on the front page.

According to The Canada Encyclopedia, the odd-colored iceberg is a result of density differences.

“Others may appear green, brown or black, or combinations of these colors. These icebergs have usually rolled over, exposing basal ice, or have emerged from below water level. The various colorations are caused by differences in density, air-bubble content and impurities. For example, black ice is of high density and bubble free; dark layers indicate the presence of rock materials derived from the base of the parent glacier. Occasionally, rocks may be found on the original upper surface of the iceberg. As the iceberg melts, these materials precipitate into marine or lake sediments.”

Photo Credit: Rundboll/ Reddit