Brooklyn Deli Thieves Get Caught After Mistaking Bathroom For Exit (Video)


It’s never smart to commit a robbery—the cons (no pun intended) always outweigh the pros of fast cash—but these thieves took the level of stupidity to another level.

Two Brooklyn men were caught after failing to escape a botched robbery attempt on a local deli. Unfortunately for them, they confused the bathroom for an exit.

Here’s how The Gothamist reports it:

“When Police Officer Mark Xylas and Police Officer Favio Quizhpi responded to calls at Gourmet Buffalo Deli on Buffalo Avenue, they found two men beating a deli worker. They yelled, “POLICE! DROP YOUR GUNS!” and the suspects started running to the back of the store, where other store patrons were hiding in the back.

According to the NYPD, “As the suspects attempted to break down a door in the rear of the location, officers Xylas and Quizhphi were able to safely direct the patrons out of the location. Realizing that they were not able to escape through the bathroom door, both suspects walked out from the rear of the store dropped their guns and were apprehended with the assistance of the 77th Precinct’s Anti-Crime Unit without further incident.”

We’ve got a question for you guys: do you consider this karma for trying to rob the deli or pure lack of education given the door was clearly labeled as the bathroom?

Watch the video below, and let us know your thoughts: