Buckshot on Chris Lighty: “Chris Always Said I Was The One That Got Away”


Brooklyn rapper Buckshot, most known as the leader of Hip-Hop collective Boot Camp Clik and group Black Moon, always put others before himself.

In a recent interview with VIBE, Buckshot Shorty reveals why even late industry mogul Chris Lighty couldn’t get a grip on his talent.

“I was working with [Chris] a little before he passed away and everytime we met each other he would always tell people, “Buckshot is the one that got away,” he says. “It’s because me, Chris, Lyor [Cohen] and Russell [Simmons] had this meeting a long time ago and they decided they wanted to bring Black Moon to Def Jam.

They asked me what’s it gonna take and I said we want our own movement. I don’t even think I used the word independent. I just wanted our stuff. Smiff N Wessun, Boot Camp and Duck Down [Entaprizez]…we’re all one family.”

Though the label execs tried to persuade Buckshot to sign on and then grab up the clique after, the “Who Got Da Props?” MC wouldn’t cash out, even after being offered his own Def Jam van. “[I said it’s] either all of us or nothing. I said thank you but no thank you,” he says. “I can’t trade Duck Down for Def Jam. I can’t sell out my boys.”