Buckshot Discusses The Business of Hip-Hop


Indy artists, lend Buckshot your ears!

It’s not everyday a rap veteran dishes out sound advice but in a recent interview with VIBE, Duck Down Entaprizez’ own Buckshot discusses the dangers of making money the primary motivation in creating music.

“There’s a certain amount of people that see hip-hop as a culture and…as a business. Being broke is a culture. Being rich is a culture,” the Brooklyn MC says. “People say they’re gonna make a record for the girls or the booty song because I want it to bump at the club. There’s nothing wrong with that mindset…but that might not be the right topic for you at the time. You might be stifling your true self because you’re just trying to make something for a specific area without putting your all and your heart into it.”

The Black Moon leader, who was dubbed the “BDI (all-seeing) thug” by Tupac, knows a thing or three about hard work. Scrapping a Def Jam deal to remain independent, he breaks down the financial (and often) ugly side of the music business.

“90% of independents pay more than they make,” he reveals. “That’s why I said in the record [“Stop Rapping”] I spent more than a grip in two days.”

Buckshot has seen the world in his lengthy career but he never let the recognition or riches get to his head. “Classic is determined by the people and time, not a person’s statement.” Watch the full interview below.