Chris Brown Will Talk to Cops About Frank Ocean Fight

Bad boy artist Chris Brown is willing to speak with officials to wipe his slate clean of this mess.

After allegedly rumbling with crooner Frank Ocean and his entourage at a West Hollywood studio over a parking space Sunday, Breezy resorted to music to vent his frustrations, even posting an Instagram pic to show for it. However, given his violent past and reckless tweeting, officials have looked into the case as a possible hate crime while Ocean is looking to press charges.

Now, the “Turn Up The Music” singer wants to chat with cops about the whole ordeal. Law enforcement officials told TMZ that Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, has contacted detectives, saying the singer is ready to give the play-by-play because he is not at fault.

Despite witness claims that he threw a punch at Ocean, Geragos says there is surveillance video that shows Brown clean of the deed. The footage even reveals Ocean committing no wrong-doing as well, and that the altercation was between posses. The only con is that it shows the fight from a back angle in the lobby and not the parking lot, where the melee allegedly began.

As for why Brown fled the scene when cops arrived, Geragos said he gave the singer strict instructions to jet wherever trouble was brewing.

Photo Credit: Getty Images