“Club 64″ Becomes First Private Marijuana Club of 2013


“Club 64″ may the be beginning of a new marijuana movement—at least wherever weed is legal to smoke.

News4Jax reports via CNN that a new members-only club for pot-smokers—which refers to themselves as “Club 64″—is the first of its kind to open in Colorado since the November approval of Amendment 64, which legalized possession of small amounts of marijuana for recreational use.

The club began on New Year’s Eve at 4:20 p.m, appropriately. According to reports, members paid a $29 fee, which allows them to bring their own weed and smoke anywhere on the premises.

In a carefully worded statement, the advocacy director of Yes on Amendment 64 said that while Club 64 poses no risk to the community, it does put at risk the advances their cause has made.

Club owner Rob Corry spoke on the club’s cause, stating, “The voters of Colorado have said we want cannabis to be legalized and we want a bunch of like-minded adults to be able to get together and exercise their constitutional rights together and that’s what Club 64 embodies.”

As of today, Club 64 doesn’t have a permanent location and the address for the New Year’s Eve celebration was distributed only to paying members.

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