Damage Control: 5 Ways Azealia Banks Can Make Up for Perez Hilton Fight

More so than her music, Azealia Banks is known for her abrasive and argumentative ways – especially on Twitter. Her latest run-in was with uber popular gossip blogger Perez Hilton. Words were exchanged, eventually leading to Azealia calling Perez a f*ggot. Ouch! With situations like these, it is hard to remember why Azealia Banks is famous – well.. kinda famous. A nasty attitude is the number one way to get ostracized in the industry. But, all is not lost! Here are some ways that Azealia can change the public’s view of her before her album drops.

1. Do not vent on Twitter
Non-celebrities have the luxury of ranting and expressing their feelings on Twitter and not being judged for it. Celebrities, on the other hand, do not.. just ask Chris Brown. Azealia, if you’re upset or frustrated over some rumors that you heard, keep it to yourself! Or vent to a friend/confidant. Ranting and arguing on Twitter is only going to make you seem overly angry and whiney. No one likes that.

2. Say you’re sorry
Whether its regarding your recent spat with Perez or your beef with other female MCs, apologize! There is nothing classier than being the bigger person.

3. Give back to the community
Although she may not have a record in stores yet, people still know who she is. Use this power to give back to a childhood school or start a clothing drive in Harlem. Show that you care about where you came from, and inspire others to do the same.

4. Promote Female Empowerment
Part of the way Azealia earned her controversial stripes is by coming at the neck of other female rappers. By promoting female empowerment she can cancel out her bad blood and gain a strong support group. There are strength in numbers. I mean… when is the last time someone won a beef with Beyoncé?

5. Just Be Nice!
There is so much strength in having a positive disposition. Let your smile be your umbrella. Next time someone tries to diss you, kill them with kindness and positivity. It won’t only confuse them, but it will keep your name out of the wrong places. They say nice guys finish last, but in this case, Azealia could finish first.