Is David Beckham Going To Play Soccer In China?

Soccer star David Beckham is being offered to take his talents overseas in China.

According to reports, the British athlete would bank a minimum of a £250,000 a week and an additional £20million in merchandising deals. An added bonus would be the opportunity for him and his wife Victoria Beckham to expand their brands in new territory.

“He has cracked Europe and America, he now has the chance to become huge in China and the Far East. This is a huge decision for him,” a source close to Beckham told the Sunday People. “While David wants one final challenge in football, a move to China is about more than that. It will push Brand Beckham to a whole new level.”

While the move to Asia is being mediated by close friend and business associate Simon Fuller, it seems unlikely that Beckham will accept the offer. He recently announced that he will end his nearly six-year career with LA Galaxy. Even his pal Snoop Lion has expressed interest in signing the midfielder to his Celtic soccer team.