Vixen TV: Dawn Richard Talks Her Style, Solange Knowles and Brilliant Brands


When it comes to fashion, Dawn Richard is always the odd man out.

With her upcoming solo effort Goldenheart set to drop Jan. 18, the moody songstress is referencing her fashion sense, despite the now-defunct groups Danity Kane and Dirty Money she was once a part of.

“I feel like I’m the one no one gets and I think I’ve come into my own with it,” a smiley Richard tells Vixen, dressed in a sheer blouse, heels and a long fishtail braid flowing down her frame. “I’ve never dressed the way someone wanted me to dress.”

She assures her outfits are based on personal taste. “If I wake up in the morning and that’s what I like then that’s what I like. The problem is no one ever liked it,” she admits.

The R&B songbird cites Solange Knowles’ disregard for trends as a style philosophy, pointing out that Jordans making an appearance in the club and pairing multiple prints is a sign of the times. “My fashion is effortless. If you get it then you get it,” she says. “If you don’t, you dont.”

See what other designers Richard gravitates to in the video interview below.