Dick Clark Will Be Honored At The 2013 Grammy Awards Next Month


Once upon a time, Dick Clark and the Grammy Awards academy were not on the best of terms. In fact, some people have even characterized Clark, who created the American Music Awards back in 1973, and the Grammy Awards organizers as “bitter rivals.” Clark did, after all, create the AMAs in order to fill a void on ABC after the Grammy Awards moved to another network in ’73.

But, despite their past, the Grammy organizers will not let it stand in the way of paying tribute to Clark next month at the 2013 Grammy Awards. Over the weekend, Grammy Awards executive producer Ken Ehrlich spoke to the New York Post about the 55th Grammy Awards and revealed that there will be some sort of special tribute for Clark during the show.

“The extent of it is fluid at this point,” he said. “But he will be represented, that is for sure.”

The president of the Grammy Awards academy Neil Portnow also spoke to the Post and said that, in recent years, there was no tension between Clark and the Grammy Awards. In 2001, shortly after Clark filed a $10 million lawsuit against the Grammy Awards for allegedly blackballing any artist who agreed to perform on the AMAs, Portnow says he spoke to Clark and smoothed things over.

“The day my predecessor left I had a phone conversation with Dick because we have known each other a long time,” Portnow told the Post, “and he said, ‘I am withdrawing the lawsuit. The battle is done.'”

As a result of the relationship that Portnow and Clark shared, Portnow announced that Clark’s widow Kari will be in attendance at the Grammy Awards this year for the tribute. It’s just one more reason to tune into the 2013 Grammy Awards on February 10 on CBS.