Did Knicks Owner Spy on Carmelo Anthony During Friday’s Game?


Carmelo Anthony might need to protect his privacy, especially around New York Knicks owner Jim Dolan.

NJ.com claims that the Knicks owner had a few MSG Network employees keeping close tabs on Carmelo during Friday’s game against Chicago last week.

Here’s how NJ.com is reporting it:

“Two audio technicians were stationed at two corners of the court — one a few feet just behind the Knicks bench, the other diagonally opposite — and they were holding those umbrella-shaped contraptions known as parabola microphones, which fed the audio into a DAT recorder on the truck on the loading dock.

These guys had one directive from Dolan: Record every syllable Carmelo Anthony utters and absorbs while he’s on the court and on the bench, the Madison Square Garden CEO ordered them, and send the tape directly to me.”

While details aren’t clear as to why Dolan had a close ear on Melo, we’re pretty sure it stems from that now-infamous war of words he recently had with Celtics player Kevin Garnett. What do you guys think: invasion of privacy or smart gameplay?