Did Lance Armstrong Lie To Oprah?

If lying to the American public is bad, lying to Oprah might be even worse. ABC News says that federal agents are claiming Lance Armstrong lied in his interview with Oprah Winfrey Thursday, specifically about when he stopped doping.

Armstrong said he was coming clean in the interview, and ran through the litany of drugs and doping mechanisms he used while winning the Tour de France a record seven times. But feds say he lied about one key fact: he claims to have stopped doping in 2005, but investigators say that’s not true.

“That’s the only thing in this whole report that upset me,” Armstrong said while being interviewed, “The accusation and alleged proof that they said I doped [in 2009] is not true. The last time I crossed the line, that line was 2005.”

But feds say his blood tests from 2009 indicate that he received two transfusions, which would contradict that statement. Feds say the timing is key – it may be the difference between prison time or not.

Only Lance Armstrong could lie while trying to tell the truth – but he may be in more hot water now.