DIY Hydrating Face Masks


Honey Egg Milk MaskTake your skin to the land of milk and honey with this soothing mask. Sweet, golden honey is thick and rich in anti-bacterial properties. The lactic acid from milk will soothe wind-burned skin and remove dead skin cells.¬†Combine the milk and honey with the proteins and vitamins in egg yolks and you’ve got yourself a winning formula.


-1/3 cup honey

-1/3 cup whole milk

-1 egg yolk

Step 1

Warm the honey in the  microwave for 30 seconds.

Step 2

Stir the milk into the honey.

Step 3

Separate a yolk from an egg white and stir into the milk and honey mixture with a fork.

Step 4

Apply the mask to a clean face with a foundation brush. Let the mask sit on skin for 10-15 minutes.

Step 5

Wipe away the mask with a hot washcloth.

Step 6

Apply your favorite moisturizer.