Do It Well: 5 Baddest Girls in the Music Biz


When you flip through music’s history book, there is no contesting that women reign supreme. However, out of all the leading ladies, there have been a select few, a special breed, who set their sights on something else–iconic success through infamy.

With as much praise as the cookie-cutter It girl receives, there has always been something alluring about the bad girl. Some have tried to obtain her image, but an edgy style and aggressive song does not add up to a bad girl. In fact, it barely scratches the surface. It takes more; something from within. Guts, sex, nonchalance, controversy, and even a little crazy. For all of these traits, there is a bad girl who not only possesses it, she has built a brand around it.

Check out the baddest girls of the biz who do it exceptionally well.–Christopher Lowery


Since the beginning of her career, Madonna has made it very clear that she marches to the beat of her own drum. Whether its her risque image or bold, unwarranted statements, Madge has become a permanent fixture in Pop culture all for expressing herself. All the artists on our lists have been the subject of controversy, but Madonna invented it. I mean, how many artists can say they offended the Vatican, media, and had their music videos banned from several countries?

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