Electronic Empresses: 20 Chicks With Decks You Must Know


The entire world watched President Barack Obama take his leading lady, Michelle Obama, for a spin across the dance floor at the Inauguration Balls on Monday, January 22. As he said to the world, while everyone may not like him, there’s no dispute that every person on the planet loves his leading First Lady.

It’s nearly impossible to measure the impact that women have had on politics, art, music, and DJ culture in the last few years. Thanks to the ladies increasing presence, longevity, and diversity, it no longer matters if statistically the industry skews male. The range of styles and ideas represented by the women on this list pushes sound beyond the clubs and radio, into the worlds of film, television and technology.

Originally this list was supposed to spotlight 10 women in EDM. Then 10 became 15. And then 15 became 20. Surely, that’s some measure of success. →