The Facebook Feature That Might Get You “Killed”?


Amongst Facebook’s many profile features, one in particular might get you killed—only on the social network, of course.

ABC News is reporting on a relatively unknown Facebook feature, which allows your friends to turn your profile into a “memorial page,” in the wake of your actual death.

User Rusty Foster, 36, found out the hard way after his account was locked, only to discover someone had reported him as deceased to the social media site. He filled out a form to report the error, and received a response that began with “We are very sorry to hear about your loss.”

Here’s what Facebook said in a statement to ABC News:

“We have designed the memorialization process to be effective for grieving families and friends, while still providing precautions to protect against either erroneous or malicious efforts to memorialize the account of someone who is not deceased. We also provide an appeals process for the rare instances in which accounts are mistakenly reported or inadvertently memorialized.”

Obituary pages are set up by going to the Memorialization Request page and filling out a form, including an obituary link. When pages are “memorialized,” they are removed from sidebars, timelines and friend suggestions and searches.

We don’t recommend you guys playing with death, even if it is only on social networks.