Faith Evans Talks Biggie’s Murder and Relationship With Lil’ Kim on Wendy Williams


Faith Evans stopped by the Wendy Williams Show this week and revealed things we’ve always wanted to know to the talk show host. As per usual, Wendy dived right into the questions and asks how her children were doing, including her son with late husband Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace.

“I don’t have to tell him much at all. I think between him spending time with Ms. Wallace, Cease (Lil Cease) D-Rock and doing the movie–he has had such a great history lesson on his dad. The funny little things that he does that he would have never seen him do like flick his toes together or the way he used his one finger to rub his nose when his sinuses are bothering him, a lot of stuff that his dad used to do that he does.”

Wendy also touched on Biggie’s murder still not being solved and her current relationship with rapper Lil’ Kim. “We still very much want to see the person responsible brought to justice. That means more to us than anything. We’ve never entered into a lawsuit for any financial gain. We’ve  paid millions of dollars just in lawyers fees over the years. When they’re gonna step up and and say hey we’re gonna solve this thing, then we’ll pick it back up. But there’s no point in paying lawyers fees if then LAPD isn’t really cooperating.”

“I’m not tripping. I’ve made peace with first of all God a long time ago, especially since we lost him all of that certainly went out the window. I would even say before he passed away I removed myself from any ill feelings towards her for that.”

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