Female Fan Sues Jonas Brothers for “Concert Crush”

This past Monday (Dec. 31), a woman who claims she wound up traumatized after being caught up in a crush of fans at a free Jonas Brothers concert filed a lawsuit against the group.

According to E! Online, the woman’s claims stem back from a concert at the Grove in L.A. that took place three years ago. Victim Ashleigh Johnson says she suffered “severe injury to her body and shock to her nervous system” after being pinned against a fence, as well as “great mental…and nervous pain.”

While reps for boys’ company Jonas Brothers Enterprises had not yet responded in the case, they face a lawsuit that includes the claims that the venue owner and band predicted the large number of people would show up, and “that proper security measures were not in place at the packed outdoor shopping mall.”

Is Johnson just looking for a big payday?