Fashion and Beauty Risks to Try in 2013

‘Tis the season for change. Now that you’re well into your resolutions, we’re sure you’re thinking they’re harder to maintain than you initially thought. Ideas to be more social have turned into lazy days on the couch, and vows to stop smoking are quickly forgotten after a tough day in the office. Somehow, the drive to succeed is lost between words and deeds.

But for Vixens, style resolutions are obtainable. The difference between daring and boring lie in the tiniest details, and if you’re looking to spice up your look (and keep it that way), consult our list of fashion and beauty risks worth taking.

Socks With Heels
This casual meets high-end look has slowly migrated from the runways to real life. Similar to shoulder pads, wearing socks and heels is about balance. If your socks have a crazy pattern, rock a simple colored heel and vice-versa.