FLASHBACK: Legend Barry White Records Hilarious Radio Flub


The late, great Barry White is probably the reason why you 90’s babies are alive today. His rougher side has been exposed after the jump.

Full of male bravado, charm, chivalry and romantic class, the calescent crooner managed to make grown women swoon with his smoothness from the early 1960’s until his untimely death in 2003.

But was there more to the man than what met the eye?

In an uproarious YouTube video, you can hear the Lothario of Love noticeably frustrated while recording a radio commercial for his own “Barry White Celebrity Tennis Tournament and Concert”. The three day event in 1981 hoped to welcome celebrities for a May 8th tennis match, concert; a reception on May 9th, and a tournament and special presentations on May 10th. The charity event was to raise funds for Paul Quinn College’s capital improvement fund.

At one point during the recording, a clearly irritated White exclaims, “F**k this s**t!” The two-time Grammy award winning singer-songwriter even slams his own copywriter by calling him an “a**hole” for having “words he don’t even need.”

Without giving too much away, you can check out the video for yourself below:

Props: Your Black World