Frank Ocean Nominated At 24th GLAAD Awards


Frank Ocean has grabbed a nod from the LGBT community to add to his six Grammy nominations. The singer is up for Outstanding Music Artist at the 24th Annual Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Media Awards, along with the Adam Lambert, the Scissor Sisters and and Rufus Wainwright. The organization honors the talent of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgendered entertainers in various categories from music to film.

“This year’s nominees enlighten and entertain, but also reflect a new American landscape where a growing majority accept and value their LGBT family, colleagues and friends,” GLAAD President Herdon Graddick said in a statement. “Now more than ever, viewers not only accept gay and transgender characters and plot lines, they expect them — just as they both accept and expect LGBT people to be a valuable part of their everyday lives.”

Frank Ocean had quite the coming out last summer after posting a shockingly personal open letter about a same-sex relationship on Tumblr. His studio debut channelORANGE garnered success and critical acclaim following the revelation, which was also a principal theme on the album.

Though he is being recognized as a member of the LGBT community, the Odd Future member expressed a dislike for the labeling of his sexual preference in an interview with GQ. “I’ll respectfully say that life is dynamic and comes along with dynamic experiences, and the same sentiment that I have towards genres of music, I have towards a lot of labels and boxes and shit,” he said.

The GLAAD Awards will hold a series of three separate ceremonies: in New York on March 16, Los Angeles on April 20 and in San Francisco on May 11.