Game Opens Up About 40 Glocc Beef: “I Didn’t Think He Was Gonna Sue”

The Wall Street Journal got all Barbara Walters on the Game during a recent sit down with the Jesus Piece rapper. The WSJ had questions about Game’s beef with 40 Glocc, and, more specifically wanted to know why he beat up the G-Unit rapper with one hand while videotaping the altercation with the other, and later posted it to YouTube. 40 Glocc is now suing the Game.

“…Let’s just take the Glocc and 40 out of his name, cause it doesn’t make sense,” started the Game. “That’s like a real nerdy guy being called Bazooka. It doesn’t make sense.”

“He, for some reason, one day, woke up and brushed his teeth and felt like he wanted to say something about me,” says Game about how the alleged beef started. Game claims he was tired of 40 Glocc always showing up uninvited to music video shoots and harassing people, but when 40 Glocc made a Twitter page in the alias of Game’s young son, that was the last straw.

“You can do whatever you want to me: rap about me; you can shoot me; kill me; stab me; it doesn’t matter. You talk about my kids, that’s when it gets really real,” explained Game. He then goes into detail about the day that infamous video came to fruition. “I didn’t think he was gonna sue,” adds Game. Watch the entire interview below.