Gatorade Ingredient Removed After Outcry


Gatorade is removing an ingredient from it’s sports drink product after controversy and complaints from fans of the beverage.

The Gatorade ingredient being removed from the mix is brominated vegetable oil, according to the AP. An online petition to remove the Gatorade ingredient had reached 200,000 supporters this week, and public outcry centers around the fact that the Gatorade ingredient has some pretty nasty properties.

For one, brominated vegetable oil is used as a flame retardent in certain products. Also, while the Gatorade ingredient is not banned by the FDA, it is outlawed in Japan and the European Union.

Gatorade claims the ingredient is used as an emulsifier, but that they will be removing it from future batches. Powerade and other sports drinks still use it, so if you’re looking to keep your insides free of flame retardancy, maybe make the switch.

PS: The Gatorade ingredient is found in other favorites, like Fanta and Mountain Dew. Maybe reading labels is a smart idea!