Gentlemen’s Corner: Lance Gross Talks ‘The Last Fall’ and His Most Vulnerable Role


Lance Gross The Last FallVIBE Vixen: Tell me what kind of feedback you were getting about the movie when it first aired.
Lance Gross:
Aw, man it was great feedback. I was actually surprised that people liked it as much as they did. Out of all of my movies, this is probably the most respected one, so I was happy with the response. The fans seem to love it

Why do you think fans had such a great reaction to this role compared to your others?
Because I feel like it just showed me in a different light. This was my realest project as an actor. I just feel like I dived all the way into this one and just went balls to the wall.

How do you get prepared for a role like this?
I spent a lot of time talking to the director, Matt Cherry. Basically this is his story; this is kind of his life. So I just spent a lot of time talking to him, picking his brain, picking anybody’s brain that I knew was involved in the NFL, from coaches to players. I actually worked out with Ellis Hobbs; he gave me his workout regimen. I wanted it to be as authentic as possible, if anybody from the NFL went to see this movie or saw this movie, I wanted them to be able to relate to the character I was playing.

If you had to make a decision between career and love, which would you chose and why?
It’s a hard question because you have to have a balance. I don’t think I could live without either of them. I have to work it out where I can have a balance between the two.

Definitely. How closely did you relate to this character?
It’s very relatable because the careers are kinda the same. Nothing is promised to you as far as I’m concerned when it comes to my career as an actor or a career as an NFL star. It can all be taken away from you like that. We have to bust our heads with auditions and hope that we get the job, it’s not promised.  We have to go out there and work hard to the best of our abilities.

Spoken like a true athlete, so tell me the top 3 athletes whose drive you admire.
Of course, Michael Jordan, he’s the hardest worker I know and everybody respects him. To this day he’s number 1. Also, Kobe Bryant. He has that same drive. I really respect Bo Jackson, too, because he did football and baseball. He’s a hard worker. I look up to hard workers, anybody that has the drive to do what they do to make it happen. 

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