Gentlemen’s Corner: Lance Gross Talks ‘The Last Fall’ and His Most Vulnerable Role


Lance Gross and The Last FallVV: What was it like working with Nicole Beharie?
LG: Nicole is a beast. I respect her so much; I was really very excited to work with her. I think she upped my game. You can’t half ass it when you’re working with greats and I definitely consider her great.

What was one of the specific lessons you would learn from her, whether on set or off camera?
Just hanging with her and picking her brain and researching with her during the character work, she carries herself like a lady and you don’t see that every day. It’s a breathe of fresh air to see. She just has a way about her and it’s very respectable. I love her like a friend.

So more projects with you two in the future, hopefully?
Yeah, of course.

The chemistry seems pretty effortless on screen, and even you playing Kyle. What was one of the most difficult things for you to learn or to grasp about the role?
I had to be an actor and producer [on this project] and sometimes I had to turn off the producer side and just focus on the actor side because they can definitely take away from each other. As far as the character, it was just being open and vulnerable. Even though I was acting, these were moments that nobody was supposed to be watching, personal moments, so I had to keep it real with myself and be open to show that vulnerability.

Laz Alonzo and he discussed the same thing about his role in Deception with us recently, so it’s interesting that you say that.
Yeah, a lot of guys don’t want to show that side. We try to act like it doesn’t exist when it really does.

What are some dream projects you’d like to work on as a producer?
Any project that’s good is a dream for me. This is something I want to do more of as I grow. I just love good projects, so I would want to be apart of anything that’s bomb. It doesn’t have to be a feature film; sometimes the independent films are better. I just saw Common’s LUV and I’ve noticed that the independent films are beating out the big budget films because they happen to be realer films. There’s more passion involved. I’m not going to limit myself saying that I’d only do features, I’ll only do independents, I won’t do documentaries. I’ll do whatever’s good.

What else can we expect this year for you?
Next is Confessions of a Marriage Counselor on March 29.

Cool, and lastly, tell me someone that you would like to salute in black Hollywood right now?
Definitely, Kerry Washington. I just saw Django. I just heard that the scene with Leonardo DiCaprio, when he wiped the blood on her face, that was actually his blood. He’s getting a lot of praise for that but that takes a lot of praise from Kerry to not break character. So definitely want to tip my hat to Kerry, she’s also doing her thing in Scandal.

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