Gentlemen’s Corner: Laz Alonso Talks ‘Deception’ and Leading Lady Wishlist


Laz AlonsoVIBE Vixen: This is your first appearance as a series regular in a TV drama versus being on the big screen, how would you say it differs?
Laz Alonso: 
On the big screen, you have a couple of hours to tell a story, so when you get that script, you already know the beginning, middle and end of that character. Here, you have 22 weeks to tell a story, so you don’t know what’s going to happen with your character from week to week until you get that script. There’s a certain element of living in the life of that character for that moment that you have to accept and do. You have to pace yourself because everything’s not going to happen in one script.

What about Will Moreno drew you to the role?
I like the fact that this character shows emotion. He’s not afraid to show that he’s in love with Joanna Locasto (Meagan Good). A lot of the characters that I played do everything in their power to not show emotion. We sometimes find the person that we love and we mess up, and when we try to get it back, it isn’t what it used to be. The harder we fight to try to get it back to what it used to be, we end of pushing them away. It’s one of those shows that you can rely on really connecting with because everybody’s been through that. We’ve all loved; we’ve all lost.

How did you mentally prepare for your role?
It’s just a matter of being honest with the moment. In life, if someone hurts your feelings and you don’t want to let them know, you fake it. You don’t want to let them know that you’re hurt, but you might throw out something sarcastic or take it out on the next person. You really get to see what happens when you’re dealing with this and the many faces you have to put up to try to get through life.

What was it like working alongside Meagan Good, Wes Brown and Victor Garber?
It was great. They’re all very talented, very smart people. There’s no competitive vibe on this set, we’re just trying to put our best work forward and being honest with our character. It’s just enjoyable to be in that environment.

If you had the chance to star in a biopic of any noteworthy actor, entertainer or musician, who would it be and why?
Probably Marvin Gaye. More than anything because he’s from DC and he has a really tragic story that I feel hasn’t been told yet. I think that would be a really interesting story.

Which actress would you love to star in a movie with as your leading lady?
I’ve never gotten to work with Halle Berry. Just out of respect for her work and being somebody I’ve always looked up to and thought was dope, that would be fun to be able to work with her. Even if she wasn’t my leading lady, just to be in a film with her would be great. I haven’t worked with Gabrielle Union yet. We’ve been up for projects in the past but haven’t had a chance to work together. Regina Hall, Taraji P Henson, the list goes on.

Favorite actress you have worked with?
Angela Bassett. Being on set with her was just a treat. I felt blessed. Same thing with Loretta Devine. Being on set with both of them and studying them, I thought, Wow, this is the level of acting that I have to work towards because they are flawless on set.